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Staking on Engage
Staking on Engage

Earn rewards and secure blockchain networks by staking through Engage.

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The Engage app makes staking seamless, empowering you to contribute to the Defactor network's growth and security. Lock up your FACTR tokens to earn yields and participate in various staking programs.

Staking Overview

Keep track of your total value locked (TVL) and monitor your active positions on the dashboard.

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Different staking options

Engage offers four staking pools with varying lockup periods on Ethereum, Polygon, and Algorand:

  • No lockup with 5% APR*

  • 90-day lockup with 10% APR*

  • 180-day lockup with 25% APR*

  • 360-day lockup with 40% APR*

* All APR / APY are paid out in FACTR tokens

During the chosen lockup period, your staked tokens are securely locked using smart contracts to ensure the stability of the staking program. Once the initial staking plan concludes, it reverts to a no lockup plan with a 5% APR.

Can I access my tokens during the lockup period?

Tokens that are staked cannot be accessed during the lockup period. However, any unstaked tokens can be withdrawn if needed.

Can I stake tokens on other platforms?

The staking pools are currently accessible and structured similarly across Ethereum, Polygon, and Algorand platforms. In the future, there may be additional options and rewards to incentivize users on different networks.

How does staking work on the Engage platform?

  1. Connect your wallet, and stake a minimum of 1000 Factor tokens. Users can unlock several benefits based on the number of tokens held.

  2. To stake, select a pool, enter the desired amount, and click ‘Stake Now’ to complete the process

  3. Once staked, your ‘Account Page’ will provide information about the pools, your rewards, earned positions, and active pools.

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Benefits of staking on the Engage platform

Staking on Engage offers rewards, including different APR returns for various staking protocols. By staking tokens, users actively contribute to the scarcity and utility of the token.

Reward structure of staking on the Engage platform

The reward structure is based on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), representing the simple interest rate or return over a one-year period. It does not take into account compounding, which means that the interest or return earned is based solely on the initial principal amount.

With the 90-day lockup staking plan, users will receive a 10% APR at the end of the lockup period. The basic staking plan without lockup generates a 5% yearly APR for every 1000 FACTR tokens staked, without accounting for compounding interest.

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