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Get to Know Defactor
Get to Know Defactor

All about Defactor.

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Defactor is a token-powered ecosystem which facilitates the tokenisation of real world assets. Bridging the gap between Trad-Fi and DeFi, the Defactor mission is to create the infrastructure and ‘rails’ for the creation of new business models all around the world.

To achieve this, we seek to empower our community and partner network through four key pillars:

Our roadmap covers these four pillars with milestones for each. You can also find each of the roadmaps at

What is the purpose and value proposition of Defactor?

Defactor is revolutionizing finance by bridging the gap between Real-World Assets (RWA) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We democratize access to financial opportunities through asset tokenization, offering a robust toolkit for businesses worldwide. Our team of passionate innovators believes in collaboration and open dialogue, fostering a vibrant community that contributes to our network's growth. Read here to learn more about Defactor.

Is there a white paper or documentation available?

Yes, there are four roadmap documents which describes the direction, strategy and vision for the Defactor ecosystem. You can find all the roadmaps on or For further documentation of how Defactor operates, refer to this webpage.

Who are the members of the (founding) team?

The founding team is made up of a mix of trad-fi, technology and blockchain experts with decades of collective expertise. Read here to know more about the team behind Defactor.

Is Defactor set up as a DAO?

Yes, the Defactor Association is set up as a DAO with the community having a say in the strategy and direction of the ecosystem via a signal and support governance model. V1.5 of the governance framework will be rolled out on .

In which country and legal jurisdiction is Defactor registered?

The Defactor Association is based in Switzerland. We have a partner network that spans around the world with business models being built on the Defactor rails.

What is the native token for Defactor?

Underpinning the entire ecosystem is the FACTR token, a utility, governance and access token which is embedded in the upcoming tools and modules. Learn more about the token economics of the FACTR token here.

What is the token distribution and allocation?

The FACTR token allocation is available to view on our Engage Community App ( Here you can view the ecosystem wallets, access the different staking pools, participate in community governance and apply for bounties & grants (coming soon).

Do you have a grants program?

Yes, we are in the process of rolling out our initiative designed to provide support to community members. The Defactor Grants Program offers grants to teams who create innovative solutions to approach challenges within the Defactor ecosystem. Learn more about the grants program here.

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